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Why do I need a prescription to buy contact lenses?

The Optician's Registration (Jersey) Law 1962 restricts the sale of optical appliances (i.e. prescription glasses and contact lenses) in a similar way to the restrictions imposed upon the sale of prescription only medicines. This means that contact lenses can only be sold in Jersey by or under supervision of a registered optician or a registered medical practitioner. The reason for the restriction is to protect the public, because contact lenses can cause sight threatening complications, even in regular users that have worn lenses for a long time. Regular checkups with an optician or a medical practitioner are essential to ensure that the risks associated with contact lens wear are managed so as to minimise the chances of your getting infections, ulcers, or other complications that might cause you to lose your eyesight.

Many contact lens wearers neglect to consider the importance of regular checkups, and often say that their 'eyes are fine' and that they feel they 'don't need a checkup'. Opticians don't make laws, but opticians have to comply with the law. That's why we've teamed up with local eyecare provider OneSpecs, so that you can have the reassurance of obtaining the professional eyecare required in conjunction with your contact lens purchase from us, without having to pay extra for it.



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Contact lenses are optical appliances and their supply is restricted by law in a similar way to prescription-only medicine. Find Out More »

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