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I never wore contacts before, which ones should I buy?

We can't sell you contacts unless you've worn them before.

If you've not worn contacts, getting contacts for the first time's a bit like getting measured for a dress or a suit, it might take a few fittings, plus you need to be taught how to take the lenses out (and put them in) and you need advice on how to wear and care for the lenses safely.

Some chain opticians such as Specsavers, Vision Express & Boots offer 'free' contact lens trials, usually tied to signing up to a contract by direct debit. Even though you've tried the lenses and have worn them successfully, they won't give you a copy of the prescription unless you pay for it or sign up to their contract and get tied to them for a couple of years.

If you can obtain a 'free' trial and a photograph of the lens packets you were given, you may be able to order more lenses from us if the optician issues you with a temporary online prescription for them. Please see the 'what do I do if I don't have a prescription' page.

Or we can recommend our preferred local eyecare partner, OneSpecs. They charge £40 to try contacts, with no strings attached.


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Contact lenses are optical appliances and their supply is restricted by law in a similar way to prescription-only medicine. Find Out More »

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