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What local eyecare will I get with my purchase?

If you're resident in Jersey as well as receiving FREE delivery of your order your purchase will also entitle you to free eyecare from our partner OneSpecs for the duration of the validity of your contact lens prescription. This includes routine aftercares, open access to a OneSpecs optometrist if you have a problem, and a full eye examination when it is due. OneSpecs also offer great value discounts to customers for backup glasses and prescription and non prescription contact lenses.

The provision of ongoing eyecare by OneSpecs is contingent on your compliance with any professional advice given by the optician. You must retain a copy of your invoice for your purchase and it must be produced to OneSpecs on request. All appointments must be booked online.

If you're not resident in Jersey, you will still be able to ask our optician for advice, and of course fulfillment of your order will be supervised by a registered optician, in accordance with Jersey Law. Any services provided are VAT exempt.


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Contact lenses are optical appliances and their supply is restricted by law in a similar way to prescription-only medicine. Find Out More »

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